Why a coach?

FB Cover PhotoOk, so if the Whole30 program is totally FREE, why do you need a coach?

Support: Doing something new can be tricky.  I’m here to help you! Not sure if an ingredient is compliant? I’m here for you.  In a breakfast rut and need new ideas – I can help you out.  Would a meal plan and grocery list be helpful? Check your inbox.

Encouragement: I’m your cheerleader who’s right with you.  During a Whole30 group I’m on your team – literally.  I’ll be doing it right along side you and am here to remind you how worth it this experience will be.

Resources: I’ve got some great tools and tricks for all kinds of things: talking to your friends and family about these eating changes, talking to your doctor or health care professional, cheat sheets for what is and is not compliant, sneaky sugar lists to make it easier to decipher ingredient labels, and more.  You need it – just ask!

Community: We will be going through our Whole30 together in a group setting.  Whether you like to check in and comment frequently or you prefer to just observe – it’s still a place for you to be supported and valued while you change your eating and health habits.  We are your virtual fan club!

Accountability: Imagine this scenario with me: It’s day 18.  You’re feeling OVER. IT.  You go to a bbq and don’t pack much of your own food because see: OVER.IT.  You are about to eat a piece of pie as an appetizer and say to yourself “I made it 18 days.  I’m done.”  But first!  You check in with our group.  You say something like “I’m unprepared at this bbq and hungry because I didn’t bring much of my own food.  I’ve got a piece of pie on my plate and I’m ready to just quit and eat it.”  Now imagine your virtual fan club cheering you on! You’ll be way less tempted to quit or cheat knowing that a group of people is with you and for you and wants your success as much as you do.  Also, you paid for help.  Don’t waste your money on a piece of 8 day old store bought PIE! That’s one expensive piece…