Let’s Whole30 together

Are you interested (or even a little curious) about doing a round of the Whole30?  Let’s do a Whole30 together!  Here’s what a few other have to say about Whole30ing with me.

“I firmly believe my success is attributed to Melissa’s knowledge, support, guidance and enthusiasm. In fact, I am a success story thanks to Melissa!”  – Kelly

“I was overwhelmed by the thought of new ingredients, meal planning, time constraints, and the overall cost to put it in place. She was patient with me, giving guidance that made transitioning to Whole30 eating organized and affordable. Her meal suggestions and strategies focused on using basic ingredients and meals I already love – while challenging me to try something new and maybe even make a homemade condiment or two (hello, homemade mayo!)” – Nicole

“I just completed my first 30 days on Whole30, and I must say that I don’t know if I could have done it without Melissa’s help. She helped before I even started to show me some great resources (Whole30 Day by Day to name one must have!), most important sections of myWhole30 recipe book, and give me some great tips regarding meal prepping, staples to have made, etc. She convinced me that making my own dressings was easy, that I could still have a cup of yummy coffee with compliant ingredients, and how to start flipping my mindset.” – Megan


If you join one of my groups, we will begin a few days before our start date. We will be virtually meeting in a closed and private Facebook group.  This gives us time together to prepare:  to read at least one Whole30 book to really understand what it is we’re doing, to clean out our fridges and pantries, to grocery shop/meal prep, and prepare ourselves for the month.

After you crush your Whole30, we will stay together for another 10 days to do our food reintroductions.  This is a crucial time! We get to see how reintroducing the foods we’ve eliminated effects us.  It’s a total individual experience and kind of fun in a scientific way.

As part of my coaching group you can expect to receive my full support in a group format. My coaching certification allows group coaching support and our facebook group will be the place you’ll most often contact me.