January Whole30

Are you ready to try a January Whole30? We will start on Wednesday January 1st 2020!! Twenty. Twenty.  WOW.

January is a GREAT month for a Whole30!

I have TWO options!

If you leave in or near Saint Louis, MO you can join my local group where we will have 3 IN PERSON meet ups!  I will also provide Whole30 samples! The cost for that group is $99.

If you are not in my area, don’t fear!  You can join my What’s App virtual group for $79. I will have 3 live phone calls to connect with you and answer all your Whole30 questions.

My coaching includes:

1. Private group in What’s App

2. Access to my selection of meal plans with shopping lists

3. Daily check ins for accountability and support

4. Accountability from a certified expert in all things Whole30

5. 30 day TMAC workout membership

6. 3 LIVE video sessions with me to work through ALL the things or 3 IN PERSON sessions if you live near STL

7. Special discounts and coupons for Whole30 approved products

8. TONS of encouragement

9. 6 weeks of coaching including prep, the Whole30, and the reintroduction

10. Customized help from a certified expert




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